We work with our clients to meet the evolving needs of their business

How we break it down.

Each consumer product that we analyze incurs roughly 80 - 120 hours of work.

Phase 1

Discovery & Research

This is a short, focused phase where we learn everything we can about your business’s supply chain, manufacturing, and operations from you and your team.

Phase 2

Synthesis & Reporting

We zoom in on all of the lifecycle steps for your products and processes, measure their carbon footprint, recyclability, end of life concerns, and more. You get meaningful numbers as well as actionable insights.

Phase 3


We work with your team to develop a specific plan to start taking action. Based on your values, outlined commitments and goals, we will together develop an actionable mitigation plan that directly builds off of the opportunities brief and technical report.

What you get

We like to leave you with some meaningful documents, data and insights

A Technical Report

Calculate your product’s carbon footprint. Know the impact of your supply chain and manufacturing processes.

An Opportunities Brief

A a companion document that outlines the various opportunities available to your brand to reduce environmental impacts.

A Mitigation Plan

We will set you up with a plan that uses our tools and expertise to execute on some of your immediate goals.

Additional Offerings

We are happy to help you share your story with your audience

Social Media

$12,600 - $25,200

Get continuous marketing and storytelling support to communicate your sustainable product journey to your audience through various social media channels.

Build a Marketing

$14,040 - $28,080

Let us help you showcase your sustainable efforts with a dedicated webpage that shares your product's eco-friendly journey and provides transparency into its life cycle.

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