How we work

We work with purpose driven companies that want to take meaningful action on contemporary social and environmental issues, guiding them through each step of the way from strategy to storytelling.

For modern product companies

Unlike most consultancies, our focus (and price point!) is tailored to young startups in the direct-to-consumer or consumer packaged goods spaces. Why? We believe that establishing a strong environmental focus at this stage will build a more impactful business for you, your customers, and the planet.

Caleb Ferguson Headshot is a team of experts who completed an LCA for our Almond mylk, which is a complex product with global supply chains and multiple production phases. Utilizing a variety of publicized and peer reviewed journals/studies, Seaborne analyzed and produced a beginning to end computation of our emissions to help us accurately offset our carbon emissions.

As an added benefit, their team of designers and developers are able to fully realize the data in a digestible and product driven approach. Simply put, they’re bringing forth a fresh approach to scientifically offsetting carbon emissions.

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Substantive Sustainability

What does “sustainability” even mean? As it turns out, not much. That’s why we work with our clients to align on their own custom definition that is equally impactful and resonant. All of our engagements start with a value recognition exercise that prioritizes issues with the greatest stakes; so we can tailor our research approach to the goals that mean most to customers and stakeholders.

Measure, Reduce & Mitigate

We’ll work to understand the complexity in your supply chain, mapping out every process, ingredient and manufacturing step using a science-backed process called a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA). That output gives us a quantified picture of a product’s total environmental impact; helping the team understand the biggest problem areas, and set goals to mitigate and reduce future impact.

Research & Storytelling

Sustainability work done right is a powerful point of difference. Guided by our research, we collaborate tightly with our clients to build an environmental mitigation strategy, and work to bring that story our consumers and stakeholders (through content, copywriting and even web development), helping drive forward future change for the brand and it’s broader community.

We keep our pricing simple

All of our services are $130/hour to get you started on your journey

Each consumer product that we analyze incurs roughly 80 to 120 hours of work (pending supply chain complexity), and we work with our clients to craft a budget and timeline to meet the evolving needs of their business.